NOW Trader is an intuitive front-end solution that connects to a robust backend server to fetch market data, execute orders and facilitate trading. It includes

➮Trader Screens

✔ Order Placement
✔ Risk Management
✔ Multiple Asset classes
✔ Multiple Venues
✔ Basket Order Placement
✔ Exercise Window
✔ Trade Modify/Cancel
✔ Charting:
⚫ Intraday
⚫ Historical
⚫ Comparitive
✔ Market Watch
✔ Market Depth
✔ Messaging Facility
✔ Options Calculator
✔ Hourly Statistics
✔ Heat Map
✔ Many More...
➮ Entity Manager
➮ Role Manager
➮ Alert & Trigger Manager
➮ Implied Volatility Calculator
➮ VWAP Calculator
➮ TOP N Calculator

Using NOW Trader one can trade multiple asset classes across multiple venues using a single front end.

NOW Web gives the web customers of the broker the convenience of secure and real time access to news, quotes, and trading. It allows the investor to do all the things that are possible from a Trading Work Station and more from within a browser interface. All well-known browser are supported as well as mobile browser. For example the investor would be able to Common single interface supported by NOW The customer can Place Orders, Modify, Cancel Orders View Order and Trade History View Quotes View Market Picture View Intra-day Charts and Index Charts Managing Portfolios Managing Multiple Market Watch View Exposure, Holding and Position Reports Transfer Funds online Alerts.

NOW Web is primarily targeted at Retail brokers. Key Points:

Fast growing segment due to easy availability of cheap and reliable bandwidth across the country value drivers in this segment include Risk management System Features like Buy Today Sell Tomorrow, NRI trading, Cover Order, Call N Trade Connectivity with Banks Mutual Fund Subscription/Redemption supported Thin, Trader like Front end for high volume traders Highly scalable design The product is accepted and used by a number of large brokers in India.

NOW Mobile provides your customers with financial market data while on move. Smartphones are increasingly being adopted by mobile users to connect them to the information that impacts their everyday activities, financial information and more. NOW Mobile enables the mobile users to access financial information from anywhere and act on critical information to better manage their portfolio.

Real time Quotes NOW Mobile displays a scrolling ticker of Stock Quotes on the mobile phone and is constantly updated with real time quotes of Market Indices and companies of interest. Streaming Ticker can be viewed in an expanded mode which presents detailed information including Market Best Picture for any company scrip.

Speed & Convenience of Voice & Touch Search for Quotes, Charts & News (BSE, NSE & NCDEX) Users can just speak the company name to access Quote & News No need to remember or type the scrip names Users can also listen to the displayed news & order confirmations Users can also listen to the displayed news & order confirmations

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